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The Email Merge website will Merge data contained in a Google Fusion Table, with an email that you create. You may create a new Google Fusion Table, or Import Gmail Contacts, or Add State Representatives & Senators from our database containing 4,774 records.

Google Fusion Tables:

Before Merging data with an Email, you must first create a new Google Fusion Table that includes a field named Email which contains the recipients' email addresses. A later section in this Help File describes how you can create a Fusion Table containing State Representatives & Senators from our database.

You may view your Google Fusion Tables on your Google Drive page. On that page, you can right-click a file to change its properties, or double-click a file to display it in Google's Fusion Table App.

Import Gmail Contacts: The Create Fusion Tables page includes an option to Import Gmail Contacts. That option contains a dropdown which displays the Groups that you have created on your Google Contacts page. (The Contacts page refers to Groups as Labels.)

Clicking [Import Contacts Group to New Fusion Table] will create a new Fusion Table with the same name as the Contacts Group, preceded by "Contacts_". For example, if your Group was named "Students", then the Fusion Table would be named "Contacts_Students".

The Fusion Table will contain the following fields, which you can merge with your email:
  • StudentName (imported from Google Contact Group)
  • Email (imported from Google Contact Group)
  • ParentName (initially blank)
  • Date_Time (initially blank)
  • UserData1 (initially blank)
  • UserData2 (initially blank)

Sharing Your Fusion Table With Other Users: To share your Fusion Table, follow these instructions from your Google Drive page:
  1. Right-click a Fusion Table, and click Get Sharable Link. That link will display your Fusion Table in Google's Fusion Table App.
  2. When anyone goes to that URL, they should click File / Make a copy to Save the Fusion Table to their Google Drive.
  3. That Fusion Table will then appear on the Create a Merged Email page (as described below), so they can merge your data with their email.

Create a Merged Email:

If you have already created Fusion Tables, then clicking [Start] from the home page will display the Create a Merged Email page. If you have not created any Fusion Tables, then the Add State Representatives & Senators page will be displayed (which is described in the next section). You can also display the Create a Merged Email page from the Add State Representatives & Senators page, by clicking the [Create a Merged Email] button on the lower-right corner (after you have added Fusion Table records).

A dropdown box on the upper-left corner of this page will display a list of your Fusion Tables. Clicking [View Fusion Table] will cause the selected Fusion Table to be displayed in Google's Fusion Table App, where you can view and edit the data.

Email Template: In the Subject and Email Body textboxes, your text may include Merge Variables, which are field names that are surrounded by curly braces. The To: field automatically contains the Merge Variable {Email}, which causes the recipient's email address to be inserted from a field named Email.

HTML Formatting Commands: The top of the Create a Merged Email page shows how you may surround text with HTML Formatting Commands. For example, the formatted text "<b><M>Bold maroon</M></b>; This is normal" would be displayed like this:
Bold maroon; This is normal

The following example shows how an Email Template may contain Merge Variables:

To: {Email}
Subject: For {PersonTitle} {PersonName}
Body: Dear <b><M>{PersonTitle} {PersonName}</M></b>,

Please use your position in the <i>{State} {ChamberTitle}</i> to endorse <b><G>Proposition 1</G></b>.

That email template could create the following Merged Email:

Subject: For Senator John Doe
Body: Dear Senator John Doe,

Please use your position in the Florida Senate to endorse Proposition 1.

Preview One Merged Email: Clicking this button will cause your Email Template to be merged with the first record in the selected Fusion Table. The Merged Email will be displayed beneath the [Preview One Merged Email] button.

If your Fusion table does not contain an Email field, then an ERROR will be shown in the To: field of the Merged Email.

Send Merged Email to All Records in Fusion Table: Clicking this button will cause a Merged Email to be sent to all the records in the selected Fusion Table. The Send FROM textbox (at the top of the page) will determine how your name is shown on the sent email.

For example, if your email address was "", and you entered "The Boss" in the Send FROM field, then the email would show that it was sent from: The Boss <>.

This page will show the status as the emails are being sent. You may click the [Stop] button at any time to stop emails from being sent.

You may send a total of 100 emails every 24 hours. The top of the page will show your Emails remaining today.

Within those 100 emails, you may only send one email to each individual recipient. For example, if you sent an email to someone at 1:00pm, then you would not be able to send another email to that person until after 1:00pm the following day.

Add State Representatives & Senators:

If you do not have any Fusion Tables, then clicking [Start] from the home page will display the Add State Representatives & Senators page. You can also display this page from the Create a Merged Email page, by clicking the [Add State Reps] button on the upper-right corner.

This page allows you to add Representatives and Senators from our database (which contains 4,774 records), to your Fusion Table. You can then send emails that are merged with that data.

Search Records: You may Filter the list of records that are displayed, by entering Criteria at the top of the page. For a record to be displayed, it must meet all the Criteria that is entered into the fields above the grid. To display all records, click [Clear All Criteria].

The following dropdown boxes will automatically cause a search to be performed when they are changed:
  • [State]
  • [Person Title] (Representative or Senator)
  • [Chamber Title] (House or Senate)

You may also begin a search by pressing [Enter] when the cursor is in the textbox above any of the following headings:
  • [Person Name]
  • [Email]

Sort Records: You may Sort the records that are shown on the grid, by clicking any column heading. Clicking the same column heading a 2nd time will cause the grid to be Sorted by that column in Descending Order.

Add Selected Records: To select records that you want to add to your Fusion Table, click the checkbox on the left side of each record (if you already added a record, then a checkbox will not be displayed). To check all records on the current page, click the checkbox at the top of the page (to the left of the State heading).

After you have selected records, click the big blue button at the bottom: [Add Selected Records to 'State Representatives & Senators' Fusion Table]. A link will then be displayed beneath that button, allowing you to view and edit the Fusion Table.