This website will Merge data contained in your Google Fusion Table, with an email that you create.
You may create a new Google Fusion Table, or Import Gmail Contacts, or Add State Representatives & Senators from our database containing 4,774 records, including each Representative's email address.
Your Fusion Table must contain a field named Email, which contains the recipients' email addresses.

The next screen will ask your permission to send email from your Gmail account.

Click here to begin:

The following example shows how an email template may contain Merge Variables:

To: {Email}
Subject: For {PersonTitle} {PersonName}
Body: Dear <b><M>{PersonTitle} {PersonName}</M></b>,

Please use your position in the <i>{State} {ChamberTitle}</i> to endorse <b><G>Proposition 1</G></b>.

That email template could create the following Merged Email:

Subject: For Senator John Doe
Body: Dear Senator John Doe,

Please use your position in the Florida Senate to endorse Proposition 1.

Every 24 hours you may send a total of 100 emails, and one email to each individual recipient.