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Overview lets you display Google Fusion Tables on your website. You can also select how the data is Sorted and Filtered.

The iframe code is displayed (in the blue textbox at the bottom of the table) when you change any parameters, so your embedded table will include the settings that you selected.

The website includes data for Music Albums, Movies, U.S. Cities, MLB Players, Jeopardy Questions, and Stocks. You may also use your own Google Fusion Tables.

Quick Tour
  1. Click Movies (in the left sidebar). 5,043 movies from IMDB will be displayed.
  2. Change the Sort dropdown to 'imdb_score'. The table will be sorted by that field, in Ascending Order.
  3. Change the Sort Order from Ascending to Descending. The movies with the highest imdb_score will be shown first.
  4. Change the Filter dropdown to 'director', type 'woody' in the text field next to it, and click [Apply Filter]. You will see movies directed by Woody Allen, with the highest imdb_score shown first.
  5. If you wanted to display this table on your website (with the same Sort and Filter settings), copy the iframe code in the blue textbox at the bottom.
  6. Click Pink Floyd Albums (in the left sidebar, under Queries). The Sort and Filter settings are preset to display only their albums, with the highest Rank shown first. The iframe code in the blue textbox allows you to display this table (with these settings) on your website.

Create Your Own Google Fusion Table

Create your own Google Fusion Table, by importing a spreadsheet or delimited text file from your computer, or from a Google Spreadsheet. You may also manually enter data into an empty Fusion Table.

Import data into a Google Spreadsheet from any website. For example, enter the following formula into the first cell on a blank Google Spreadsheet:

Data from that website will be automatically imported into the spreadsheet.

Use Your Table With

IMPORTANT: You must set the Fusion Table so 'Anyone who has the link can view'. On your Google Drive page, right-click the Fusion Table and select 'Share'. Then, under 'Who has access', click Change.

To use your Google Fusion Table With, find the docid in the URL that is shown when you double-click the filename from Google Drive. The docid is the characters in the URL between ?docid= and #rows.

On the home page, enter the docid in the textbox under the 'Your Table' heading (on the left sidebar). Click [Display], and your Google Fusion Table will be shown.

When your Fusion Table is displayed, set the Sort and Filter parameters, and the iframe code will be updated in the blue textbox at the bottom. Copy the iframe code to your website, and the table will be shown with the same settings.